Tips Before Driving a Car During the Rainy Season

Tips Before Driving a Car During the Rainy Season

Driving a vehicle during the rainy season with great distances, it is indeed a challenge for drivers even though they already have a personal accident insurance that will cover all costs when something unexpected happens during the trip. Imagine, slippery road conditions due to rain drops are very risky to cause accidents because the vehicle’s wheels slip.

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Moreover, if it is added by the emergence of high water puddles on the road, it certainly can make tire pressure become heavier so that it causes vehicles to be difficult to drive and sometimes even can die completely in the middle of the road. Therefore, to be safe driving when it rains, then know some of the tips first! Here are some of them;

1. Check the condition of the car tire

To overcome the tire slip does not occur, then before driving safely during a long trip it’s good first you have to see the condition of the vehicle tires. If your car tires look slippery, replace the tires with new ones. However, if it is not possible to replace it right away, then you should use public transportation or continue to use the car but must be careful when driving it.

2. Check the front window film of the car

Don’t forget to check the front window film of your vehicle. This is important because the window film can change color to be more opaque, due to always being exposed to direct sunlight. If the glass is opaque, it certainly can interfere with your vision when driving, right? For this reason, it is highly recommended to replace the glass or polish it with a liquid that can polish the glass.

3. Check the condition of the vehicle brake

Very important, you also have to check how your car’s brakes are. Where, the brakes themselves function to control and regulate the speed of the vehicle, so that it is more controlled when driving in the rainy season. A little advice, do not over setting the brake when it rains, because it could be able to make the brake slip.

4. Check the rubber waper section

Before driving, it’s also important for you to check the rubber parts of the car’s waper. Rubber waper itself serves to eliminate rain splashing on the inside of the glass. Which, this rubber can turn into stiff and dry because it is rarely used during the summer.

That’s a little tips for safe driving during the rainy season. May be useful!

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